Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thomson Falls, Montana

Currently alive and well in Thomson Falls, Montana.  Rode a beautiful 50ish miles today (everyone else did about 80).  I kept a pretty good clip today,  and probably cruised somewhere in the high teens.  The day started with some of the most beautiful riding I've ever seen or heard about.  I stopped to take a few photos early on, when I was still with the car.  I got out and rode around the second rest stop.  Temperatures later in the day got up around 111F on the pavement.  Steve (rocketman - awesome camel back tan lines) took and impromptu dip in a lake, and were quickly followed by Dough and Dwayne.  I got a burned a bit on my back when I continued on sans jersey.  I have a few photos to post, but will likely do it tomorrow because everyone is starting to turn in.  
In other news -- Daniel invited a touring cyclist named John to stay with us for a bit.  Hes cycling unsupported from some small town in Alaska to some place in Colorado, and is towing one of his sled dogs (squirrel) along in a bob trailer.  He's been on the road for about 36 days and hasn't payed for a place to sleep yet.  He has some awesome stories about bluff charges from grizzlies, etc.  I think daniel and I are the only ones not entirely amazed by what he is doing, but we're both a little jealous.

We have what looks to be an extremely hot century into Missoula tomorrow.

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Christine said...

can't wait to see the photos. Lizzie says bark, bark.