Sunday, June 15, 2008

Almost time

I'm enjoying a brief vacation in Fenwick Island, DE. The weather has been great, but the surf is pretty awful. Every once in a while a decent set rolls in, but always closes out and turns into beach break. It could be enjoyable with a skimboard and few attractive alternatives. I, however, have a few good books and a terrible cyclists tan to kill.

My bike is in the mail, and I'm leaving next thursday -- bright and early. When I'm away, the best ways to contact me will be cell phone (sometimes) and email (sometimes). I think my email can be found somewhere on this thing, but if not here it is: nbrennan_at_umd_dot_edu.

1 comment:

steph said...

hey Nick, wow!! the smoke is reaching you!! that is unbelievable!! ya it does kindov smell like a barbq but sometimes its so thick here it makes my eyes water and they were telling us to stay indoors as much as we could. kindov tough when training for the ride. well....anywase its great hearing from ya, cant wait to meet ya !! wow its almost here!!