Saturday, May 31, 2008

hello? is this thing on?

To introduce myself...
My name is Nick, and I am from Baltimore, MD.  And, for those of you on the ALA's Big Ride, I'll be your bike mechanic!  

I started working in bike shops early in my high school years, and I currently supervise the University of Maryland's Outdoor Recreation Center bike shop.  I'm confident that we can get your bike across the country in one piece!  I got into cycling through street bmx, which lead to mountain biking, which led to needing a job and getting one in a bike shop.  I now log most of my miles on the road, either commuting or road cycling.  Although I've grown to love the hills in the Patapsco Valley, I would say that my passion is still mountain biking, and I race and ride whenever I can.
For the last few months, I had expected to spend this summer riding coast to coast unsupported (camping and cooking).  Unfortunately, my riding partner dropped out on me at nearly the last minute.  This, however, has left me available to act as the mechanic for the Big Ride, which I am equally excited about.